Our project consists of two objects – brain and heart – 100m (330 ft) apart, connected with a wireless voice communication.
Each of them will be opened for visitors who can talk to each other.
Our goal is to find out whether brain and heart manage to communicate, will they make a dialog, and will they communicate in one and the same language or on different levels or frequencies?

MIND YOUR HEAD, MIND YOUR HEART is a project created by the PUSK team for Burning man 2020.
Within the framework of our project, we ask ourselves "Is the connection between rational and sensual possible? And if yes, what kind of this connection is and how it exists?"

Burning man is an annual event that takes place in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA. The organizers define this event as an experiment to create a community of radical self-expression, completely relying only on themselves.

For a week, from the last Monday of August until the first Monday of September, modern artworks, often of fantastic shapes, are set in the desert.

We want to be among those who create their own art object there.

Developing the project concept a utopian Black Rock City was considered as a complex system that has many important elements. We want to add it heart and brain or in other words – communication cabins, which can give us the opportunity to hear the sensual and rational thoughts of the inhabitants of this desert.

The installation is a triangular, polygonal frame shell designed as anatomic Brain and Heart.
Visual impact is scaled up designed anatomic human organs, where the participants can enter and experience the processes of inner sensible and sensitive, and, using a wireless voice communication session, connect from one object to the other.
The artwork will be perceived on a scale to the size of the desert, which will not overpress the user.
The object interacts with the audience in a recognizable shape in an unusual form of an engineering structure made of wood and metal.
A user is invited to come inside and start interacting with an art object.
The height of each object is 14,7 ft.

A person from the "Heart" can call a random person in the "Head" and discuss issues from the perspective of the world of feelings and the world of thoughts. The same principle of interaction is also used in a head-to-heart communication session.
To start a communication session, you must pick up the handset from the telephone and press the call button. At this time, a ringtone will sound at the opposite object and the illumination of the entire object will change. To answer the call, you need to lift the handset, and the call will be connected and the timer will begin to count down. After the time for the conversation is up, the connection is interrupted. If there is no one to pick up the phone at the other end, you can leave a message using voice mail, and the records will be added to the general stream of data that goes beyond Burning Man.
The sound component is made with audible analog phone call heard at a distance of about 6-12 ft depending on weather conditions. The bell is installed in the terminal housing, which sounds at the time of a call from another part of the installation. The scheme of operation is identical to the call of old telephone sets: short-time trill, pause, trill again. The time of dialing from one part of the installation to the other is limited by a timer of 30 seconds (standard dial-up) and the time of sound playback is limited also.

Each object of our installation is illuminated according to the same principle, which is based on the external illumination of the object by DMX spotlights with a control unit in the central part installed around the perimeter, at ground level and at a distance of 6.5-13ft from the outer edge of the structure. As additional illumination and for visual association between objects located at a distance from each other is used flex neon. When in use, key moments of the communication algorithm are played out by lighting effects. To make the shapes of the objects similar to living organs, gradient illumination is implemented over the entire surface with smooth transfusion. To prevent the spotlight from blinding a user, lens hoods and light diffusers are provided.
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"Mind your head, mind your heart"
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